The insect-nations have formed an alliance to eliminate the ant colony once and for all.

MilitAnt™ is an action-packed side-scrolling platform/shooter. Set in a world ruled by insects, a lone soldier ant must defend his home colony at all costs from a brutal invasion by the enemy bug nations.

As the lone guard in your watchtower, you have no choice but to face the enemy as they overrun the Colony in the surrounding 3D environments.

Using multiple weapons simultaneously defend your colony and travel to distant and foreign lands to discover the reason behind this war… and how to end it.

Classic gameplay meets next-gen graphics.


Novel 2.5D shooter gameplay action.
Epic boss battles.
Single player story mode.
Customizable weapon loadouts.
A large variety of weapons, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Save your colony and learn what it means to become a hero