Presenting MilitAnt

Name: MilitAnt.
Run and gun / Twin-stick Shooter / Action Platformer.

Platforms: PlayStation PS4, PS3, Vita and PC/Steam.
Developer: Xibalba Studios.
Publisher: Xibalba Studios / CrossFunction Co., Ltd. (Japan).
Release Date:
PS4: Americas (July 12, 2016), Europe (July 14, 2016 ), Japan (coming soon).
Steam: July 12, 2016.
PS Vita and PS3: Coming soon.
ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence).
PEGI Rating: 7 (Non realistic looking violence towards fantasy characters).
• Winner of the ESA’s (Entertainment Software Association) Professional Developer category  (“Empresarios”) at Video Juegos MX contest.
• Winner of “Best Shooter Game” award from Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest.
Game Connection America Selected Projects.

MilitAnt™ is an action-packed side-scrolling platform/shooter. Set in a world ruled by insects, a lone soldier ant must defend his home colony at all costs from a brutal invasion by the enemy bug nations.

As the lone guard in your watchtower, you have no choice but to face the enemy as they overrun the Colony in the surrounding 3D environments.

Using multiple weapons simultaneously defend your colony and travel to distant and foreign lands to discover the reason behind this war… and how to end it.

• Novel 2.5D Shooter Gameplay Action.
• Epic Boss Fights.
• Music by award winning composers Gerard Marino and Fabian Farhat.
• Immersive Single Player Story Mode.
• Intense and Exciting Levels.
• 4-Arm Customizable Weapon Loadouts.
• 30+ Deadly Enemy Bugs.

Name: Icebreakers.
 Racing/Vehicular Combat.
Platform: PC/OnLive.
Developer: Xibalba Studios.
Publisher: Xibalba Studios.
Release Date: Available Now.
ESRB Rating: E (Mild Cartoon Violence).
Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest:
• “Best Character Design”.
• “Best Game on a Laptop” 2nd Place.

Icebreakers™ is an arena vehicle combat game where a group of kids compete in custom-built, ice-emitting vehicles to earn the ultimate prize: “Neighborhood Bragging Rights”.

Icebreakers is the latest extreme winter sport where players are pitted against each other in a gruelling match of ice sledge destruction. Wielding the power to materialize trails of ice, many sleds will break and to the victor goes the ultimate Icebreaker trophy. Move your trail to freeze the competition, use each kid’s unique ability, throw snowballs and grab special items, do whatever it takes to become the “Icebreakers” champion.

Get ready, because with Icebreakers you can travel to amazing locations, enjoying high-denition visuals, show everyone online how cool you are or play solo in the engaging and extremely fun story mode. Featuring 5 different game modes including the classic battle royale, the electrifying snake mode and the chaotic capture the monkey, Icebreakers will surely cool you up!

• Smooth curved ice trails and physics.
• 6 playable characters (+ 2 bonus characters), all with unique vehicles and special moves.
• Special items and Power-ups.
• Single player story mode.
• 5 game modes.
• 10 levels, each taking the player to fantastic new locations.
• Arena style multiplayer online combat.
• Split-screen support for up to 4 players.
• Available in 5 different languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian and French.

About the Company

Xibalba Studios is a pioneer of game development in Latin America devoted to creating high quality console, PC/Mac and mobile games for the international market. Our goal is to create games that are original, innovative, and above all fun.

Xibalba Studios, released its first original IP Icebreakers in 2010, it won “Best Original Character” and 2nd Place “Best Game on a Laptop”awards at the Intel Level Up competition, MilitAnt was awarded the “Best Shooter” award in the same contest, won the Professional category in ESA’s Videojuegos MX contest and received “Selected Projects” award from Game Connection America. Founded 12 years ago in the city of Monterrey, Mexico, by DigiPen Institute of Technology (Redmond, WA USA) graduates Ricardo Villarreal and Steven Johnson, the vision of Xibalba Studios is to become one of the leading game developers in the world.


Development Services

We are PlayStation licensed developer, Apple developer, Android and Intel Software Developer.

We have several years of game development experience; our company has been around since 2004 using different game engines and also creating our own.
Particularly we are experienced using the Unity Game Engine we have been working with it for many years since version 2 came out and since then have acquired quite a bit of expertise working with it in multiple plaforms (PS4, PS Vita, PS3, Windows/PC, Mac, iOS, Android, etc).

We are also very experienced with the Corona SDK and have published a few plugins.

If you have any projects that wish to develop with us please don’t hesitate and contact us at .


What does Xibalba mean?
In Mayan mythology, Xibalba (also spelled Xibalbá or Xibalbay) means underworld ruled by Mayan spirits of disease and death. It is roughly translated as “place of fear”. Cool, huh?

How do you pronounce Xibalba?
It’s pronounced Shi-BAHL-bah.

Why did you choose the name Xibalba?
When we started the company our first game was a prototype of the Mayan ball game. During our research about the subject we ran into an ancient Mayan book called “Popol Vuh” this book describes Xibalba as a court below the surface of the Earth associated with death and with twelve Gods or powerful rulers known as the Lords of Xibalba.

What do you play more at Xibalba, PC or console games?
During our breaks at the office, there is some serious PC multiplayer action, but after work consoles take most of our time.

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